Friday, 8 August 2014

On the Market..Bletchingdon Park - Oxfordshire

I have always been interested in property and have actively kept an eye on the market for as long as I can remember. It is always useful to see what is available throughout the year, how much properties are selling for and what condition they are in when being sold. 

In doing this I very quickly learned whether a house was worth it's value, if the price could be negotiated and if there was an opportunity to buy a house and sell it on quickly to make a profit. All useful if one is in the business of property development. However, I know many people who for various reasons just enjoy being able to look at hundreds of homes; Whether to garner inspiration for their own homes, or just to be nosey! 

Bletchingdon Park first came to my attention in 2012 when I was looking to buy a home in the Country. It was (and still is) much too expensive for me but it was still rather pleasurable being able to analyse the floor plans and imagine how I would live in the rooms. I ended up buying a small Country House in Gloucestershire where the property is much cheaper and you can get more for your money. Two years later and Bletchingdon is still on the market, with no signs yet that it is about to be sold. Perhaps you, dear reader, are interested in making this English gem your new Country residence?

A Georgian delight in glorious parkland, Bletchingdon is a most handsome residence set amongst 126 acres of land. To me personally, this marvellous exterior and it's parkland alone is worth the large price tag.

The delight in all Georgian architecture stems from symmetry. Simple square structures that create flowing layouts and easy movement, and interiors that command all attention with their high ceilings, handsome proportions and elegant features.  Shown above is the South portico in the Palladian style with it's columns and balustrade detailing.

In all honesty, I was rather disappointed with the Interiors at Bletchingdon. The exterior of the house is immediately impressive and I find that this first impression leaves one with high expectations which are sadly not met. However the obvious advantage is that these very simple interiors can now be transformed into something of grandeur according to personal tastes, with an almost blank canvas. 

The cantilever staircase, perhaps the most handsome feature in the house which graciously curves around the residence, rising to the upper floors of the house.

The Drawing Room. Again perfectly habitable yet somewhat uninspiring. With a little imagination this room can become something of magnificence.

The Dining Room is perfect for entertaining, running just off the Kitchen and Staircase Hall. It is a large room yet still manages to convey a feeling of intimacy. 

This large space runs along the South Portico of the house and is filled with light. For me, this would make an exquisite Gallery. Filled with a collection of artworks and objects I think this room could be very special indeed. It is hard to tell what flooring is used but I would have original parquet and perhaps add Boiserie to replace the plain walls. 

As you will now see from the floor plans, this house is most beautifully designed. The interiors flow from room to room meaning that all of the house is used and rooms are not left useless. It makes this rather grand residence feel like a pleasant and warm Home. 

I rather feel like an Estate Agent after writing this post! Please be assured that this is not an advertisement to sell the property, I am just sharing a beautiful house for the delectation of everyone reading. If you would like to see the full details of this house you can do so by clicking here. Please let me know your thoughts on this property and what changes, if any, you would make.

All pictures courtesy of Knight Frank

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