Monday, 1 September 2014

The Green Room

John Fowler once said that one only needs to look to the Countryside to see that all Green's work in harmony together. This is a statement that has stuck in my mind since the day I read it in Roger Banks Pye's book 'Interior Inspirations' a few years ago. I have tried many times to dispute the claim made by Fowler, however, all attempts have been in vain because he is of course totally correct. 

It can also be argued that green is one of those rare colours that always work in an interior no matter the shade. Eau de Nil to pea green to bottle green, they all work in a scheme as appose to more difficult colours such as yellow or red, which can be very harsh and unflattering when certain shades are mixed to create the final colour. 

Whilst creating my own Interior schemes it has been difficult not to do all of the rooms in green. I have to convince myself that other tones should be used and that a house full of green would not be all that charming (or would it?). Pinterest and Instagram have only fuelled my fire for green interiors with so many beautiful images of fabulous green interiors almost spurring me on to redecorate my house in favour of the beautiful colour. Here are some green inspirations.

Where it all began. This green striped wall covering is from the London Drawing Room of the late English decorator Roger Banks Pye, who's book 'Interior Inspirations' first sparked my enthusiasm for Green Interiors. Banks Pye has created in this room the perfect Country House look in the city and made a beautiful combination by adding blue and white porcelain to his green interior. Roger was always trying to upscale his rooms and he often talked about this in detail. Notice how the stripes take the eye up, as do the wall brackets with porcelain objects. It is all about making the room appear much larger than it actually is. 

Upping the grandeur. Silk green Damask is the main feature of the exquisite Dining Room at Alnwick Castle, seat of the Duke of Northumberland. The deep richness of this dark green works so well with not only the wood of the dining table but also the gilt of the picture frames. It is a bold choice as most Stately Homes opt for the obvious red in their Dining Room's. 

A taste for the exotic. Susan Gutfreund's 'Winter Garden Room' in her New York apartment is the epitome of chic with it's pleasant mix of green, florals and chinoiserie to evoke nature. The Russian Bessarabian rug is from a chateau in Belgium and was purchased from Axel Vervoordt at the Paris Biennale.

Georgian Green. This is the Entrance Hall at Smedmore House, Dorset, England. The house was recently featured in 'The World Of Interiors' and it was such a delight to see inside this historic gem. This Entrance Hall could be straight from the 1700's, it's look is so authentically Georgian with the white mouldings which remind me so much of Robert Adam. 

Fit for a Duchess. This English Sitting Room was inhabited by 'Debo' (the now Dowager) Duchess of Devonshire. Situated in the private quarters at Chatsworth, this cosy room has folded green silk lining the walls. This is perhaps where the grandeur ends as the room is filled with various objects, worn fabrics and everything else that makes the English home so charming. 

French Fancy. A Bedroom in the Champ de Bataille revived by Jacques Garcia is palatial with it's canopied day bed and ornate mouldings, not to mention the richly carved boiserie. 

Toile du Jouy. Green and Toile, nothing else has to be said!

All images taken from Pinterest. 


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