Wednesday, 8 April 2015

An idyllic Easter

Easter always signifies the beginning of Spring for me and this year Mother Nature was right on time here in Scotland. Towards the end of last week the miserable clouds had drifted away and brilliant sunshine greeted me when opening my bedroom curtains. I hate to be one of those boring British people who obsesses over the weather but I really feel much happier when I can venture outdoors without a coat and sense all the lovely things that Springtime brings. 

Aside from hosting a Dinner for the neighbours, my Easter weekend was blissfully peaceful. This is one of the things I like most about this holiday. Unlike Christmas, there is no pressure to pull out all the stops and plan what seems like never ending festivities. At Easter time people seem happier with simplicity and if weather permits, enjoying the outdoors. 

One of my favourite things to do is set the table. Whether it be for a light breakfast or lavish dinner I really enjoy creating a beautiful setting to celebrate food and the pleasure it brings. Excessive to some, I dine like this for all meals and get real enjoyment from using my things rather than leaving them abandoned and unused. This year I decided to keep my table quite classic and the only hint of Easter was Chocolate eggs in a small bowl at the centre of the table. I used a Wedgwood dinner service with simple, embroidered napkins and bowls of fruit to add colour and freshness. 

The remainder of my weekend was spent enjoying the Garden. Being able to sit out on the lawn overlooking the Sea was an incredible reminder of how beautiful Scotland is, especially in Springtime. In just a few weeks the trees will have new leaves and the flower beds will begin to bloom.

Tea overlooking the Firth of Forth

Sophie and I enjoying much needed Vitamin D

Although the trees are still looking bare, daffodils are a sure sign that things can only get better

Taking advantage of free time I spent much of Sunday evening on Pinterest pinning more images of inspiration. I now have three new additional boards..Linens, Hardware and Table Settings.

Finally I would like to share a very rough sketch of a floor plan I have created for my new home in the Caribbean. This plan is very basic and messy..I actually debated whether I should create a 'neat' version but what is the point in that? At least this plan shows my ideas as they came to me. When I created this plan I listed all the rooms that I want in my new home and then tried to think of a layout that would be classically Georgian i.e Square and symmetrical. I also wanted to incorporate a layout that would work logistically. You will see that a suite of service rooms run off the Dining Room which makes for functional entertaining. 

I hope you all had a great weekend



  1. Hello Nicolas,
    So enjoyed seeing your pictures of Easter. I totally agree with you about Easter- it is a much more relaxed time to have the whole family together. I had my family together for two days over the Easter break-nine all together- without the fuss and pomp that Christmas tends to bring and it was lovely. We enjoyed our first Easter egg hunt with our three year old grandson which makes Easter even more fun.
    You must be getting very excited about your Carribean house- I have a home in Melbourne(Australia) in the city and at our farm. Both are different but in other ways the same. The farm house is more practicle-leather furniture, timber floors and large windows, whereas my home in the city is where I can indulge in more beautiful fabrics,wallpaper,lots of pillows and heirloom china. I have used similar colours in both because thats what i like and both feel equally at home. Though I would say my town house is more me and the farm house is more the family( my whole family tend to congreate and stay at the farm- so lots of beds!!!!)
    However, both house were renovations that I undertook and even though I am thrilled with both, there is always inevitable compromises, which their was with both homes. I would so love to build a home from scratch as you are- you are able to put together exactly what suits you and what you love. I look forward to the process-how exciting for you.
    Kind Regards
    Marilyn Wood at Wood_farm

    1. Hi Marilyn,

      So glad to read that you had a lovely Easter spent with family and that it was a relaxing time for you all!
      I have seen snippets of your home on IG and it looks really charming. It seems that you live in an almost magical environment at the Farm..the views are breathtaking. I have to tell you, I'm a sucker for Town Houses..I have always loved the elegance and charm of them and would love to see yours! Do you have any pics on IG?
      I am so excited about building a house from 'scratch', as you say it is a real chance to get exactly what you want. Perhaps this is something you will do in the near future :) x

  2. Hi Nicolas ... Your easter table is so pretty and fresh - exactly what Easter is all about! I love your floor plan. The words 'flower room', pantry, laundry all music to my ears!! ... I do love a good laundry!! It's going to be very excited watching this progress! :) xx